Grab a martini, let's demystify menopause.

Well, after months of planning. We have done it.

We. Have. Done. It.

But, first let me say this… One of my favorite things to do, particularly after a grueling, stressful week, is to meet up with my girlfriends at our favorite cocktail bar. As I order my favorite martini, and chat it up with my girls, I can feel myself able to finally relax. It is a luxuriously comforting feeling; this ritual I have with my dear lady friends.  When we gather together it feels easier to shake off the stress of the work week.

Doing this, I find myself inspired and begin to imagine the possibilities of all the good things to come. Ah, the ceremony of it all.


But Kelli - you ask – why are you talking about drinking martinis with your friends in your blog that’s supposed to be about menopause?


Here’s Why:
The menopause journey we women must take is not always easy or pleasant and some of the science and news about what our bodies are going through is tough to handle.

But here’s the good news: All of this will be easier to navigate, if we do it together.


Just breathe, friend, I got you.

So, OK fine. But just what the heck does this all mean?

It has been my life-long dream to write in depth about this. Martinis and Menopause, the working title of my new book, due to be released in the Fall, combines easy-to-understand science and simple lifestyle changes to help us reach our own ‘aha’ moments together.

With topics ranging from: how to beat the hormone groan, what to do about those hot flashes, help with crazy food cravings, how to break free from being a hormone hostage, and reclaiming your sexual power, all while discerning the many creative ways to concoct the perfect martini!

Join me, OK?

Where? At my Martinis and Menopause Soirées, of course!

Soirées are defined as evening parties held for a purpose.  Kelli Jaecks | Verbal Impact will be hosting recurrent Martinis and Menopause Soirées at local businesses all around my beautiful hometown in Salem, Oregon this year. These fun gatherings will be a place for women to get together, relax, enjoy a special martini and have a good time.

At these soirées, I’ll speak on menopause topics from my book for around 15-20 minutes, and then we can spend the evening focusing on you and your wonderful changing body, as well as celebrating our tribe. (There may even be goodie bags…)

No entry charge, just good information in a safe and welcoming place. I think we can all use this right now, don’t you?

Anyway, I’m booking them all around town, and I’m excited to invite all of you to our official debut Soirée on March 30th at the swankiest Spa in town, PHIZ SPA!

Thank you, Erin Molyneaux, Phiz spa owner extraordinaire for co-hosting with me!  Erin will be turning 40, so we can all toast her into the club together, don’t you think?


This is blue-eyed Erin and her sweet puppy, Ren. Aren’t they adorable?

Can you make it?

Our first soirée will take place at Phiz Spa in the Salem Heights Plaza in Salem, Oregon.

Phiz Spa
3484 Liberty Rd S, Salem, OR 97302

Make sure and check on our website and Facebook Page for future Soirées - because you are all invited!

Ladies, please. Commit with me to learning more about your body and yourself. You deserve to get practical information about all you are going through. That knowledge will give you not only practical tips to feel better, but help you to understand and show compassion for yourself and other women. Knowledge is power!  

Let’s not take others hostage with us. Let’s escape the hostage zone and live our best selves.


Oh by the way, thanks to all of you who gave me input about my Martinis and Menopause logo. It was a true collaboration and I so appreciate your thoughts and advice. She turned out pretty great, I think.

Alright, you beautiful women, enjoy this beautiful day, and I’ll see you at PHIZ SPA on March 30th.

We are lucky to live in a state that is home to some great local distilleries! Some of my favorites include Crater Lake Vodka, Aviaton Gin, Aria Gin, and New Deal Distillery.

They are ALL Delicious and ALL local. Consider buying their products the next time you are looking for good martini makings.

Tell them Kelli sent you!

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