Grab a martini, let's demystify menopause.

Today’s Topic: Plot and Plan.


I remember last year, sitting in a conference room in downtown Portland meeting with my marketing team to plot and plan. How to get the word out? How to cut through all the noise and get the world to know about my book, Martinis & Menopause?
So I spent the year, plotting, planning, editing, drafting rewrites, meetings, meetings, and more meetings.

Fast forward to now. I am driving to Portland once again - this time on my way to an interview with Tra’Renee Chambers on her afternoon news program, Afternoon Live. They want me to talk about my book. A live TV interview about MY BOOK! Well, look how far we have come, my book and me! I feel so proud.

But as I get closer to the city, I get more and more afraid. Who do I think I am? What in the WORLD was I about to do? Would I make a fool of myself on live television?! The next exit was coming up and my hands, sweaty on the wheel, prepared to lean into the turn and go back home.


I don’t take the exit.

I. Show. Up. Anyway.

I walk into the green room of KATU. The energy is vibrant, people moving and shaking and beckoning me to sit. My photographer snaps shots as I try to catch my breath.

I sit and chat with the other brave adventurers being interviewed for the show.

For instance, I meet Emily Kaufman. She shares tips on creative ways families can travel and see the world - she calls herself The Travel Mom, and I just love her! Check out more about Travel Mom:

The Chiropractor, Dr. Paul Reed who offers tips on how to get rid of headaches. (Hello, Omega 3s!). Check out more about Dr. Paul Reed:

Can someone get a message to 19-year old Kelli?

I love sharing the same green room with the newscasters. I watch them putting on their stage makeup (Squeel!) and the theater diva in me is on cloud nine. For a second I want to travel back in time and tell 19-year old Kelli to go to journalism school. I would have LOVED that job. But 19-year old Kelli can’t hear me. She had no idea that this idea was even available to her. I think of this as I wait for it to be my turn.

…and then they introduce me…

Suddenly, I’m with this wonderful woman, Tra’Renee talking about M&M and menopause, and my work. I feel solid in my power and clear in my truth.

If you want to watch for yourself, CLICK HERE.

(Isn’t Tra’Renee fantastic? LOVE HER.)

I guess why I’m writing about this is because I learned a huge lesson that day. I felt so intimidated, scared, (and excited), but I realized from those moments that I could feel all those feelings and still SHOW UP and stand in my own power. I was the expert on my book, and I was there to tell the world. And they listened. I didn’t die from those feelings. I THRIVED.


Home again, home again..

I drive back to Salem, thinking of you, my readers. I think - this is a lesson for us all! The next time we find ourselves filled with doubt, in a situation where we perceive someone has more power than us: be it your boss, a family member, or a community leader, you simply need to remember all the plotting and planning. All the preparation you do every day in your work and on your life. You are the expert in YOU!

We are ALL working hard out here, right? Don’t forget that. It counts. Stand calm and strong in who you are, ladies, and be clear in your message. Whatever you are facing today- remember: YOU GOT THIS.

You’re rocking it.

Remind yourself in five steps.

Step 1. Believe in yourself
Step 2. Plot. Remember who you are
Step 3. Self doubt? Go directly to step 4!
Step 4. Plan. You’ve done your homework


About Kelli:

I’m Kelli. I am a menopause survivor, who has catapulted, stumbled, laughed, and cried my way to the other side of perimenopause and menopause. Along the way I’ve learned invaluable tips and resources to live my best self and beat the Hormone Groan!

No longer a hormone hostage (at least most days), my goal is to help you live well and with personal power through all the changes we go through in this incredible journey of life!


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