Grab a martini, let's demystify menopause.

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Boobs, Teeth, and Birthdays

I’m sad to say goodbye to October.


First, two of my biggest loves: women’s health and oral health continue to raise awareness with campaigns for the National Dental Hygiene Month and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Combine this with the fact that our Martinis and Menopause movement is on FIRE, + I celebrated my birthday, and you have what I call a solid argument for why this month should be called ROCKtober.

First, let’s talk about boobs.

I recently went in for my annual mammogram.

As the technician was gently placing my breast onto the little plate and the machine slowly came down onto my breast squishing it flat, I snuck a peak at the reading on the monitor and realized there was 180 pounds of pressure smashing me!


No wonder it sucks. We all hate them, I know.

It’s awkward, it’s tedious and…IT IS SO DAMN IMPORTANT.

I have to have these uncomfortable exams once a year because of a breast cancer scare three years ago.

Fortunately, I had no cancer and as much as I hate the process, I also spend the time feeling thankful for medicine, for health insurance, and for science, each hovering close and helping me stay strong.


So, let me ask you, ladies: have you scheduled your mammogram yet?

If not, it’s OK, but do it this week, OK?

Do it for your daughters and sons, do it for the women around the world who don’t have the access to health care like we do.

Mostly, do it for YOU.

A simple, painless (well, sort of) procedure that saves lives. I am counting on you to do that for yourself, OK?

Hey – how about you make an appointment this week, and when you get there, take a picture of yourself in the waiting room and send it to me at

I am going to choose one lucky winner to receive a copy of my book.

I encourage you because it is SO important and yet hard to take the time to do it, so let’s make it fun!




1. Schedule your mammogram appointment.

2. Send me a picture (
to enter yourself to win a Martinis & Menopause book!

Would you like more info on Breast Cancer Awareness?

Now, what?  Teeth! The Kissable Mouth

Have you hugged your dental hygienist lately? Those amazing oral health prevention specialists who help you keep your teeth and gums healthy, and disease free need to be hugged, kissed, and glorified.

Good oral health is not just for your mouth but for your TOTAL health.

Our mouths are the one area that often get neglected.

Trust me here, ladies: prevention is better than treatment, and don’t we all want clean teeth and fresh breath, ready for sweet kisses?

The ADHA has a campaign that encourages us to “Do the Daily 4: Brush, Floss, Rinse, and Chew”

(For more information check out this video on this topic.

There is lots of good information to glean!



Schedule your next dental appointment.
You have another appointment to make!
Your teeth (and I) will thank you.

No Matter What, We Are Winners.

Many of you may remember that I was competing with my Mastermind group to see how many people I could get to sign up for this blog.

I really wanted that grand prize, which was over $1,500.00 worth of private business coaching. My loyal readers (you!) helped me to spread the word — and I thank you!

The competition was fierce, and our hard work got us to fifth place. Although I fell short of the goal, I still feel like a winner.

In this process, I made new friends and welcomed many new people to join our tribe. (welcome, new readers!) It really is the truth, ladies – that winning is in the attitude.

I think about you, my readers and know that many of you are having bad days, walking through struggles and engaging life on life’s terms. I encourage you all to find ways to see your wins.

Choosing positive self-talk WILL make things better, I promise. Even if it’s simply to get you to the car that will take you to the gym or to that next therapy appointment.

Your mind can be a dangerous neighborhood.

So, remember… You are awesome. You are valuable. You are a winner!



Check your self-talk!
Tell yourself EVERY DAY all the ways you are valuable.
Write those things down and hang that sign where you can see it often.
Take note of all your successes and watch your self-talk transform!

Sugar, Sugar

MWA AH AH…Halloween is upon us. The holiday that is full of sweets.

As much as we love that candy, it’s my job here to remind us that sugar is a pro-inflammatory substance. (Boo to pro-inflammatory substances.)

What that means is that sugar feeds any infection, or inflammatory state, like auto-immune conditions, cancers, and adrenal fatigue.

Inflammation is bad for your brain, your skin, your heart, your gut – ALL THE THINGS.

Sugar feeds all the bad things.

I encourage you to think of that when you are tempted at the office with those little candy bars and office donuts. When you eat candy, you are flooding your body with simple sugars.

Those sugars gift you with an initial ‘high’ and shortly afterward you are also then ‘gifted’ with the crappy low.



With all the Halloween candy and parties surrounding us, I challenge you to be mindful of what you are eating- and make good choices so you can feel great! HINT: For every piece of candy you put in your beautiful mouth, drink a whole glass of water – this helps!


Martinis & Menopause Update


I was away from home 21 days in September, and spoke four times in October in three different states!

It’s exhausting, but I love sharing the Martinis & Menopause message of living your best self and breaking free from the hormone hostage zone!

(Just look at these beautiful women with me!)



We are well into cover and interior design now!

I am feeling so excited about the final steps on this arduous journey. I believe this book will save lives.

It sure is saving mine. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

I look forward to announcing the delicious details of the book launch – coming soon!


Hiding behind one of the draft book cover designs!

Here We Come, November

As we turn our calendars from this rockin’ month of October to the beautiful, rainy days of November, I hope you all remember how precious and amazing you are.

Remember to drink lots of water, eat lots of vegetables, and have loads of big laughs!

You deserve this good life.

We all do.


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